I’m interested in the stuff that flows in and out of our lives through encounters and experiences. I'm always on alert, for rocks, silver scrap, wasp nests and other overlooked stuff.  I appreciate the randomness of fallen flower petals and the chance arrangement of matter in my compost bucket.  

Things can percolate a long time as I play and arrange and photograph. I'm drawn to relationships and wait for connections to emerge.  As hidden meanings are revealed and emotions surface, I seek a deeper understanding of who we are and the places we inhabit. 


Gayle Friedman lives and works in Washington, DC. She took classes in metals and ceramics at the Corcoran School of Art and Design.  Friedman is the founder of Studio 4903, a vibrant space where artists work. The Studio doubles as a contemporary salon by hosting exhibitions, discussions, dance parties and more.

She is also an artist in residence at Red Dirt Studio, in Mt. Rainier, where she is focusing on sculpture.